Monday, February 25, 2008

A destructive temptress

I wonder sometimes if temptation can kill your soul before the biological breakdown of the rest of your body and mind that happens at the moment of your death, and if so, I think one of my very best friends has already died. I spent a few nights in Alexandria. I searched the sky every night for a constellation that offered enough depth to consider it a friend, but the lights of the concrete jungle and the clouds of winter steal the stars from Mother Earth and give back ways to tempt ourselves and therefore hurt those who love us most. So, I didn't sleep and around 3:00 AM, I checked my phone because I thought that maybe it hadn't rang because it'd been on silent, but it was set to ring; it just didn't. And now I'm strung out and running on no sleep, thinking about the soul and teasing my mind with perscription pills, but I'm not making anymore phone calls. That much is certain.